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A little bit about Lawrence

LAWRENCE PATRICK ORJIME fondly called Law P by friends is passionate pro-blogger and skilled software developer. With a deep love for both writing and coding, I've honed my skills at Nicholas Idoko Technologies in a full year. I create engaging content and build efficient, user-friendly applications.

In the blogosphere, I strive to share valuable insights on education topics, offering readers a unique perspective and practical advice. Through my journey in software development, I've crafted innovative solutions that streamline processes and enhance user experiences.

When I'm not immersed in code or crafting compelling blog posts, you can find me watching latest movies at Netflix or having fun outside with the boys. I'm always eager to learn and explore new technologies, and I'm excited to continue making a positive impact in both the blogging and software development communities.

My Stacks!



Web Development

MVP: 7 days (Depends on Project Complexity)

The web constitutes the largest portion of the internet, providing a platform to reach a broader audience on its own. Creating a website or web application enables your audience or users to connect with you swiftly, without the need to download from an app store. This principle holds true for any business or enterprise system, including ERPs. If you're in the initial stages of an idea, consider starting with a web-based approach.

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Mobile Development

MVP: 2 weeks (Depends on Project Complexity)

Your ideas hold a significant value, sometimes even surpassing your own estimation. After receiving your project brief and conducting extensive research, I meticulously choose proficient mobile app stacks, to craft an app tailored to your concept. What distinguishes my approach is the capacity to inject inventive perspectives into your project and collaborate closely with you to nurture its progression.

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MVP: 2 weeks (Depends on Project Complexity)

The transactional essence of buying and selling stands as an enduring cornerstone of businesses. My expertise lies in conceptualizing and constructing end-to-end business processes for online stores and marketplace platforms. Additionally, I can offer valuable insights to e-commerce project owners, empowering them to optimize sales strategies for their stores.

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Fintech App Development

MVP: 4 weeks (Depends on Project Complexity)

Have a financial technology product concept in mind? I possess the expertise in development and analysis to turn your idea into a reality. The development of fintech products demands meticulous attention to detail in design, construction, and execution. Whether it's Mobile Banking Applications, Investment App Development, Loan App Development, you can count on me to deliver.

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Audiomack Clone

A basic Audiomack clone with the following functionalities: User authentication (create account / login authentication) Exclusive uploading privileges for registered users Ability to upload music tracks along with cover art Homepage showcasing all uploaded music with corresponding cover art.

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A simple tool to generate Random IPs Address, Country, Latitude and Longitude

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A user-centric forum platform with the following features: Account creation required for users Posting capabilities for users Commenting on posts, enabled Liking posts functionality available, Editing and modifying posts supported.

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Clone version of with enhanced features: Registration functionality refinement Improved Login (Validation and Verification enabled) Customized user dashboard design Added feature for users to submit panel requests.

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VideoHub is User-centric platform featuring: Secure login and registration functionality Personalized dashboard with a dedicated 'Studio' section Ability for users to upload videos in the Studio Homepage showcasing all uploaded videos, Video view count tracking, Detailed view count statistics for each user's uploaded video in the dashboard.

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